Tinkering With Loose Parts

” In any environment, both the degree of inventiveness and creativity, and the possibility of discovery, are directly proportional to the number and kind of variables in it”  -Simon Nochoidon, Architect It is easy to notice the abundance of “loose parts’ in our classroom.  From plastic animals to pennies to seashells, these tiny treasures areContinue reading “Tinkering With Loose Parts”

Wonderings about Light

Light is an element that is naturally fascinating to children. As they explore materials and experiment with placement, children are creating ever-changing murals and learning many principals in the process. Which items are transparent and which are opaque? What can we learn about objects by examining their silhouettes? How does projected light change the sizeContinue reading “Wonderings about Light”

Adventures in Toyland

“Toy play is one of the ways in which children nurture their disposition for imagination and fantasy.”   David Elkind, PhD. The season of gift giving is upon us.  My niece and nephew have already received Hanukkah gifts from their father’s side of the family and are eagerly awaiting the next round of presents that willContinue reading “Adventures in Toyland”

Summer Enrichment

Parents often inquire about summer enrichment for their preschool and kindergarten aged children and often seem surprised when I do not respond with a carefully prepared packet of worksheets.  The summer season provides many wonderful learning opportunities for children, none of which can be reduced to the scale and scope of a simple worksheet. HereContinue reading “Summer Enrichment”

The Luna Moth

This blog was inspired by a luna moth.  A child accidentally stepped on it on the way into school, injuring it’s wing.  It was left on the concrete step, trying unsuccessfully to fly when a colleague alerted me to it’s plight.  I put it in a plastic bin and brought it into my classroom.  AsContinue reading “The Luna Moth”